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Few cosmetic products generate as much excitement as FDA-approved KYBELLA®, which reduces a double chin through a series of injections. Rejuvenate You is proud to add KYBELLA® to our expanding list of services!

KYBELLA® is made from a chemical that’s naturally produced in the body to help absorb fats. It is the first and only non-surgical treatment approved by the FDA to reduce fat below the chin. When injected into the fat, known as submental fat, it destroys the fat cells. Clinical trials demonstrated that KYBELLA® is safe and effective for contouring the area below the chin.

Two chins is better than one.  Said no one ever. #Kybella®

Whether you have a moderate amount of fat under your chin- or a bit more- ask about Kybella®

Treatment is individually tailored to your unique chin profile.

This is non surgical, Kybella® is an injectable.

Kybella® permanently destroys fat cells in the treatment area under the chin.

You and your healthcare specialist will tailor a series of treatments for you based on how much fat is beneath your chin, and you aesthetic goals.  

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