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Fun Sculpting

High Definition Body Sculpting


High Definition (HD) Body Sculpting, AKA Fun Sculpting, provides the latest advancement in fat removal and natural fat transfer.  This exclusive technology cannot be replicated and is not found anywhere else in Wyoming.  Fun Sculpting is a specialized and minimally invasive fat removal treatment used to shape and contour the body. It is performed under local anesthetic, without the need for general anesthesia or an overnight hospital stay.  HD Body Sculpting provides sculpting results that no amount of exercise or dieting can achieve on it's own! You will have ultimate precision and minimal downtime.  Fat cells are broken down and removed from the body through a suction process.  The vibration energy only targets fat cells, leaving the surrounding tissues mostly undamaged. HD Body Sculpting is a suitable procedure for both men and women.




Fun Sculpting?

Fat Transfer Procedure

Fat Transfer is a natural solution to restore subtle volume and shape, as well as rejuvenate certain areas of your body. ​

Fat Transfer, also known as Fat Grafting or Fat Injections, is a natural, minimally invasive treatment for breast/buttock augmentation or replacing age-related lost volume and subtly smoothing out wrinkles. Fat is removed, using HD Body Sculpting, from various parts of the body where there is a substantial amount, such as the thighs, abdomen and/or buttocks. The fat is then centrifuged, or purified, to separate the healthy fat cells from the damaged ones, and injected into another area of the body that is lacking in volume.


Increased Safety

No general anesthesia is needed for Fun Sculpting!  This minimally invasive approach decreases the risk of bleeding, bruising, and discomfort resulting in minimal down time! 


Patient Comfort

Vibration assisted analgesia helps to reduce discomfort during and for 36 hours post procedure.  Patients can sit and adjust position as needed.  Your comfort is our priority!


Who Is A Candidate?

This procedure actually stimulates collagen production, resulting in tighter skin for many patients.  Patients can undergo procedure regardless of BMI.


Dynamic Results

Patients can visually inspect the dynamic results during the procedure.  It is possible to sit or stand during the procedure for abdominal etching and verification of symmetry.  Scarring is minimal compared to traditional lipo or other more invasive procedures.  

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