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March Vampire Specials

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15% Off All Vampire Procedures

☘️March☘️Specials☘️ at Rejuvenate You
All Vampire® Procedures are 15%
Off in the month of March.

🩸Vampire Facial®
🩸Vampire Facelift®
🩸Vampire Hair

Vampire procedures are performed using the patient's PRP, a component of their own blood, to encourage healing and combat signs of aging.


Vampire Facial® combines the powers of microneedling with PRP into your skin to reduce the signs of damage and aging.


Vampire Facelift® includes focused injections of PRP, with or without a hyaluronic acid filler, to restore facial volume loss and stimulate collagen. This is followed by full face microneedling with PRP into the skin.


O-Shot® procedure for women comprises of vaginal PRP injections to treat sexual dysfunction, urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, lichen sclerosis, and the decreased ability to orgasm.


P-Shot® procedure for men includes injections into the penis to treat erectile dysfunction, increase blood flow, and treat decreased sensitivity.


Vampire Hair Restoration® involves a series of PRP scalp injections. Hair loss can be common in both men and women. This treatment helps with thinning hair and hair loss by stimulating hair follicle stem cells.


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This special expires March 31, 2024.

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