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The ThermoClear skin perfecting system treats common skin imperfections and is safe for most skin types. 

This simple, non-invasive procedure uses high and low frequency RF waves to treat certain surface problems with no downtime and little discomfort. 

ThermoClear is a targeted treatment that is safe, effective, and affordable.  

ThermoClear quickly and easily treats:

The secret to perfect skin is ThermoClear! 


Teaser | $85

1-3 Spots treated.  Must be in same area. Examples: Face is one area.  Face and arm is considered 2 areas.  

Small Area | 15 minutes | $150

Up to 10 spots treated.  Must be in same area.  Spider Capillaries: each cluster up to 1.5" diameter will be a small area and not as a "spot". Nose is considered small area and not a spot.  

Medium Area | 30 minutes | $225

Up to 20 spots treated.  Must be in same area.  Spider Capillaries: each cluster up to 2/5" is considered a medium area. If you are getting your entire cheek done, it is considered a medium area.  

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How does it work?

Using both high and low RF.  A small wand is used to target the imperfection and deliver the appropriate level of frequency on top of your skin.  The current delivered from the machine dehydrates the area and can clear up the area in as little as one treatment.  

What happens after?

You may experience some mild irritation, redness, and crusting on the treated areas.  While skin is healing, makeup can be applied to cover and camouflage any temporary imperfections.  Avoid direct sunlight immediately after, but all normal activities can be resumed.  

How many treatments?

For many clients, one ThermoClear session is all it takes!  Before the initial treatment, your provider will determine whether a 15 minute session is sufficient.  Sometimes, 2 or more sessions may be needed.


Avoid tanning 2 weeks prior.

Avoid waxing/threading 7 days prior.

Avoid cosmetic injections 2 weeks before and after.

Discontinue 7 days prior: Tretinoin, Retin-A, Renova, Differin, Tazorac, Avage, EpiDuo, Ziana,  high dose AHA and BHA.

Consult your prescriber before stopping prescription medications. 

Does it hurt?

A small probe is used to barely touch the skin which vaporizes and dries the affected area creating very small crusts that heal and flake off in 3-15 days.  Many describe their pain level as a 1-3 on a 1-10 pain scale and the sensation as a quick sting that lets up when the probe is lifted.

You are not a candidate if you have:

Current or recent use of accutane.  Eczema, dermatitis, cancer, open lesions, herpes infection, sunburn, keratoses.

If you are Pregnant.

Use of anticoagulants.

Questionable skin lesions: When in doubt about a lesion, this should be evaluated by a dermatologist.

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